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  Martin Champion is a fully qualified engineer   and made his first stove over twenty years   ago, a basic upright gas bottle stove with a   flat top plate for cooking on and a flat door   mounted on its own frame, this design was   modified over the years to include rope seal   on door, removable baffle plate and a
  unique air control.

  He made his first box stove whilst living in   portugal over 15 years ago which are still   going strong to this day.

  Martin started the Champion Stove Co
  in 2008 and now produces a range of box   stoves from his devonshire workshop and
  also supplies flue and accessories.

  Martin takes two months a year off stove   production to work for the glastonbury
  festival therefore no stoves will be
  dispatched from the 1st june to the
  31st july

  Champion Stove Company

  Unit 15,
  Bow Mill Farm,
  TQ9 6AT


  07850 880811
   Email: info@championstovecompany.co.uk